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Bathrooms… Thinking Of Changing Your Bathroom?

2.4 m by 2.7 m. Victoria Plum customers have said that in a recent survey that this is the average size of their bathroom, that’s not much bigger than a large king sized mattress!

Striking a balance between style and practicality is very tough, but there are loads of tricks of the trade that you can use that will leave your bathroom with the WOW factor and  feeling larger than it actually is. Sometimes even stealing space from over the stairs or the room next door!

Lighting! Look on the bright side
If you really want to create the illusion of space in a small bathroom, light and mirrors in combination can be great. A large mirror on the wall next to or opposite the window will bounce light around the bathroom and give depth to your room. If There is no window then a large full length mirror could be a great option to give space and reflection. The more lighting options you have the better. from lots of little lights to IP lights that can be programmed. The options available are far greater that just a single pendant.

Colours and textures
A dark colour scheme be it paint or tile can a small space feel closed and oppressive.  so think about this when choosing paint, tiles or wallpaper. Whites and light pastel colours keep things feeling clean and bright. While gloss tiles can add more reflective surface into the mix enhancing both natural and artificial light. If you want to add colour try painting the ceiling.

Use all the space you have                                                                                                                                                                                                          The corners of a bathroom are often the most under-utilised space in the whole bathroom. This can be used with a corner basin, toilet, or quadrant shower enclosure. a corner can be put to serious use and be the feature of the room! By fitting a corner installation, you can save space for radiators but even these can be placed high on the wall to save space.. There are now so many options on heated towel rails and radiators that fit into almost any position giving you greater layout options.

Vanity units
The vanity unit can provide a smart alternative to the traditional basin, combining storage space with style. There are even combi units that combine toilets and basins. In a small bathroom every last bit of space needs to be optimised. By combining the toilet and  basin into one easy to install unit, you not only have the extra storage space, but it could also save both time and money.

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