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Under floor heating and solar thermal systems

Installation of underfloor heating has the benefits of Energy efficient & low running costs

Underfloor heating uses a lower temperature than standard radiators, heating costs are reduced and savings can be achieved by at least 10% on heating bills. Greater numbers can be achieved with controllers and flow rates

Design freedom

The system is invisible and depending on the heat loss of your room, frees up wall space as bulky radiators are not needed. This gives you more space to be used and enjoyed.

Tailored temperature control, Using precise thermostats, zoned heating control allows you to choose the temperature you want, in areas you want and at the perfect time to suit your schedule.

Reduced dust circulation and increased safety

The radiant heat produced by the system reduces humidity and air circulation, meaning that there are fewer dust mites and allergens in the indoor air. There are also no hot low-level surfaces or hard metal edges, as with radiators, making the system child friendly.

Comfort & warm floors

An even temperature, controlled by our precise and exclusive thermostats, creates a supremely comfortable environment. Warmth gently radiates from floor level, where the heat gently rises upwards, heating the room evenly.